When adding the random number generator to my survey it does not seem to save the piped text.

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When following instructions and from the support on how to use the web service random number generator, at the final stage where you enter the piped text I am not able to click off the question field and therefore it does not appear to save this. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated I have a dissertation to be doing :'(

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    It would have been helpful if you provided a link to the instructions you were looking at.

    You don't need a web service. You can pipe a random number directly into a question or saved as an embedded data field in the survey flow. Example of a random integer between 1 and 20 pipe:

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    @Stressed_student1 are you aware that Qualtrics assigns each response a unique Response ID. This may serve the purpose of the random number you are trying to generate.

    This help page describes it as:

    The ResponseID is the ID Qualtrics uses to identify each response in the database. This unique identifier is provided as a reference and generally does not have a use in data analysis.