Automatic Audio Not Playing when Published (Only Plays in Preview)

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I used the following code (in the source section of the rich content editor) to auto play audio without auto advancing the slide -- code: < embed autostart="true" height="90" hidden="true" loop="false" src="YOUR_AUDIO_SOURCE_URL" width="180">

When using the code for automatic play, the audio plays on preview (although all the audio files across all slides with audio play at the same time when editing AND during preview the audio echos, which I read goes away when published), however, when I publish to review the survey there is no audio and the survey does not start from the beginning, but starts on random slides!

I am hoping someone can help me find a solution to potentially all of the slides not playing at the same time during editing, but most importantly for actually publishing the audio!

Thank you!


  • Zetland
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    I am also looking for an answer to this. Any suggestions?