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Mean values for matrix items

Pat Wiesloch (Germany)Community Member, Qualtrics Brand Admin Guru ✭✭
edited June 22 in Stats iQ

We have set up a matrix question. In order to make it mobile friendly, the likert scale is designed as drop-down and the scale values have been coded as numbers (1-5). After we collected some test responses, it is impossible to calculate means in Stats iQ, even by changing the variable settings. Can anyone support?

Best Answers

  • JessicaGregoryWalker
    JessicaGregoryWalker Indianapolis, INCommunity Member, Qualtrics Brand Admin Qubie ✭
    Accepted Answer

    I think I'm having this same problem. Are your variables showing up as Categorical in Stats iQ? That's what mine are doing, and I get an error message after trying to switch variable settings to numeric. The workaround I'm currently using is to utilize the "create or clean variable" option to go in and physically recode each variable as numeric 1-5. Then I can use these recoded variables in the tool to get means. However, this is a tedious and - I would imagine - error-prone process, so would love to hear from others as well.

  • SamS
    SamS Provo, UTModerator, Community Member, Qualtrics Brand Admin Moderator
    edited June 2020 Accepted Answer

    Hi @Pat! You've already received some helpful insight into this topic, but I just want to jump in here to recommend that you should reach out to our Support Team if you haven't already. Our Stats iQ Specialists can help troubleshoot your particular case.

    If it's a feature that isn't available I’d recommend posting this in our Product Ideas category. Be sure to review the How to Write a Good Product Idea template and our Ideation Guidelines before you post your idea!


  • J_Buckley
    J_Buckley MichiganCommunity Member - Trial User Qubie ✭

    Is there a less tedious way to make the change? All of my ratings are showing as categorical. 'Cleaning' all of them would be A LOT of clicking.