10 Days with Jay: Q&A with Jay Choi, General Manager of Research Core

KatharineS Seattle, WACommunity Administrator, Community Member, Qualtrics Brand Admin Administrator

We are excited to announce a Q&A unlike any we’ve run before! From now until March 1st, you will be able to ask Jay Choi, our General Manager of Research Core, any questions you have about Qualtrics’ Research Core and its place in this rapid-paced Experience Economy.

This is also your chance to get excited about X4, because for the next 10 days, the Qualtrics Community will have the opportunity to unlock a total of 10 prizes. We’re spotlighting some exceptional brands and giving away big prizes, like a $1000 Delta Airlines gift card, a $200 Patagonia backpack, a $100 Under Armour gift card, and more!

You will have the opportunity to work as a community to complete the 10 tasks below and unlock as many prizes as you can throughout the Q&A. For each task completed, a prize will be unlocked. Some tasks may just require work from a single community member, while other tasks may require a team effort to complete.

*Please ensure all questions are thoughtful and of high-quality. We will be checking, and it matters!

  1. TASK EXPIRED: Three questions must be asked within 24 hours of the Q&A going live.
  2. WINNER: @VirginiaM TASK COMPLETED: Apple Watch Over 1000 views on the Q&A post. (This one you’re reading now!)
  3. WINNER: @alejandra_rojas_voce TASK COMPLETED: 1 Year Netflix Membership Convince Jay to reveal a hidden talent - but don’t let him know this is a task. :)
  4. TASK EXPIRED: 100 likes on this LinkedIn post.
  5. WINNER: @KevinK TASK COMPLETED: $100 Lyft Credit Ten questions must be asked by the end of the first week, at 11:59pm MST Friday, February 22nd.
  6. WINNER: @Shashi TASK COMPLETED: $200 American Express Gift Card One question involving the Qualtrics product roadmap.
  7. WINNER: @mattyb513 TASK COMPLETED: $200 Patagonia Backpack Three questions from someone with the letter J in their name. If your name is actually “Jay” (Spelling counts and you’ll need to prove it!), the prize may be even bigger! (You may have to recruit your friends. :wink: )
  8. WINNER: @jpardicusick TASK COMPLETED: $100 Whole Foods Gift Card, courtesy of Chobani One question surrounding Experience Management industry standards / knowledge for Jay to answer.
  9. WINNER: @Mol TASK COMPLETED: $120 Spotify Gift Card for a 12 Month Premium Membership Three questions must include you telling Jay why you are excited for X4.
  10. WINNER: @AnthonyR TASK COMPLETED: $1000 Delta Airline Voucher Over 25 thoughtful, high-quality questions on this Q&A to unlock the ultimate Delta prize. (Currently 17 of 25)

Once a task is complete, we will cross it off and let you know which prize you have unlocked. We will be entering each of the Q&A participants - meaning those who have posted a thoughtful question or discussion point for @JayC - into a raffle for a chance to win one of the unlocked prizes. Each corresponding task must be completed by 11:59 pm MST on March 1st for the prize to be unlocked (unless a different date is specified). The winners will be announced on March 11th, after the end of the 10 Days with Jay and our X4 Summit.

As usual for Q&As, support questions are not allowed! If you have a support question, please start a discussion elsewhere on the community, or reach out to the Qualtrics Support team.



  • PhilJohnston
    PhilJohnston U Calgary Research ParkCommunity Member, Qualtrics Brand Admin Qubie ✭

    My Research Core question has to do with whether there is a method to mass create multiple projects with the same questions (from a library or pre-existing set of questions) each with a unique project name and unique panel (set of email addresses). Thanks, Phil Johnston

  • LaurenK
    LaurenK Seattle, WA, USACommunity Administrator Administrator

    Hey @PhilJohnston! This is a great question; however, our Q&As are less for support purposes and more for asking questions tailored to Jay's work processes and overall career! If you contact our Support team they will be able to dive deeper into this inquiry with you!

  • AnthonyR
    AnthonyR Tucson AzFounding Community Member, Community Member Superuser ✭✭✭✭

    Hi Jay,

    Two questions for you:

    As far as the research core goes, what upcoming additions / changes to the product excite you the most, and why? Would love to get some insight into your thought processes on how to drive the platform forward.

    As you work to move the Research Core product forward, what are the things you look for as you hire members on to the engineering side of your team? Is it people who bring fresh ideas to the table, people with tons of experience, some combination of these things, or something different entirely?

    Appreciate you taking the time to answer our questions!

  • Sam
    Sam Carlisle, PACommunity Member, Qualtrics Brand Admin Qubie ✭

    Hi Jay,

    First, I wanted to let you know that I'm excited for X4! I attended the Research Core base camp classes last year, which were great, and I'll be attending the IQ session this year.

    I also have dashboard questions, which I hope fall in your area...
    1. Have you considered not requiring the default time periods and using fiscal/company specific time frames instead? This would be helpful to us in dashboards and data & analysis.
    2. Could you add a suggestion box (of sorts) to dashboards? This would be helpful to collect feedback from employees as we launch them further in our organization.

    Thank you!

  • Cenzi
    Cenzi SydneyCommunity Member, Qualtrics Brand Admin Qubie ✭


    How can I get the most out of my dual subscription to CX and EX?

    Want to show how my staff metrics impact my customers experience but not sure where to start.


  • VirginiaM
    VirginiaM Boone, North CarolinaCommunity Member Sage ✭✭✭

    Hi Jay! I am gearing up for my first year at the X4 Summit and I am so excited to be a speaker this year :) I have a couple of questions for you as well.

    • What do you find the most challenging and most rewarding about your job as the General Manager of Research Core?

    • Knowing what you know now, what career advice would you give to your college-aged self? (This is something I ponder a lot since I currently work at a university).

    Thanks so much!

  • GillesG
    GillesG Community Member, Qualtrics Brand Admin Qubie ✭

    Hi Jay,

    What's the most impressive / inspiring questionnaire you've seen recently? Looking for inspiration here (and I bet most people reading this thread could use some for their future projects!)

  • mujtanibul
    mujtanibul MyanmarCommunity Member - Trial User Qubie ✭

    Hi Jay,
    How can we measure customer journey success thru Q research core tool ? and is it possible to measure ( both X and O data) journey wise user experience ?

    How can you map product experience with revenue and a method to quality on routine basis?

  • AdamBoston
    AdamBoston Essex, UKCommunity Member, Qualtrics Brand Admin Qubie ✭
    edited February 2019

    Hi @JayC

    Myself and my colleagues are excited for X4 - this will be our first year and would love to know what to expect? Is it as good as people say? Do you have any insider tips to give? What should we make sure not to miss? If you were attending X4 for the first time what would be your key areas of interest? Maybe this is one of your hidden talents? :)

  • Mol
    Mol MadridCommunity Member, Qualtrics Brand Admin Qubie ✭

    Hi Jay!

    I'm really excited to be again at the X4 summit and learn about the roadmap and future of the Qualtrics XM platform.

    I wanted to ask you two questions and would love to hear your thoughts about it:

    1. Do you think that NPS Benchmarks are really accurate considering that every company implements NPS in a different way and that this might affect the result you get? (i.e. when and how do you ask the question)

    2. How do you think that A.I. would affect the future of research? How long would it take before i will be able to predict the NPS based on the information that i already have from the interaction, without needing to ask the customer?

    I hope that you are a great visionary and will help us anticipate the future!!!

    Looking forward to learn from you and share great experiences during the event!


  • mattyb513
    mattyb513 Washington DCCommunity Member Superuser ✭✭✭✭

    Excited to see you here, Jay. Coming at you with a question for a large trade organization.

    We have thousands of member organizations that we support. Traditionally all our interactions with them have been via email or phone calls, very personalized interactions, the DC way. We would like to move to a system that allows us to better capture their experience in a measurable way so we can course correct and let them guide our decision making. Essentially, we want to do better at experience management but have no guidelines for how to get there.

    1) How would you think about evolving from a very person/relationship-centric model to a more scalable software solution without losing the personal touch?

    2) What kind of questions do you ask to help people feel like their responses are not just going to be aggregated into a dashboard?

    3) Who are some companies that have successfully done this who might be open to a short guidance call?

    Looking forward to picking that big brain of yours!

    Matt Bloomfield

  • GeorgeIssa
    GeorgeIssa Pennsylvania / Global OrganizationCommunity Member, Qualtrics Brand Admin Guru ✭✭

    Hello Jay Choi,

    I have a question.

    I really like the features of the Side by Side Question since it can really shorten the number of pages in a Survey, but I have a question to you the Qualtrics Team and the Research Core Team, regarding this question.

    For Column 1, I would like to ask a simple Yes/No Question.

    For Column 2, If the User selects No in Column 1, then the Ratings in Column 2 should not show.

    Here is an example:

  • JenCX
    JenCX Broomfield, COCommunity Member, XM Advocate, XMPN Member, Qualtrics Brand Admin Wizard ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @JayC,

    Thanks for taking the time to do this with us.

    I have a question about industry XM benchmarking. We're a B2B communications/technology business and I'm struggling with finding meaningful benchmarks and standards to use for goal setting, especially as it relates to response rates and XM-specific metrics. What advice can you give about what KPIs to focus on (besides NPS) and where to find benchmarking information?



  • KatharineS
    KatharineS Seattle, WACommunity Administrator, Community Member, Qualtrics Brand Admin Administrator

    Hey @GeorgeIssa! This is a great question; however, our Q&As are less for support purposes and more for asking questions tailored to Jay's work processes and overall career! If you contact our Support team they will be able to dive deeper into this inquiry with you!

  • NiC
    NiC MumbaiCommunity Member, Qualtrics Brand Admin Superuser ✭✭✭✭

    Hi @JayC,

    So the only Question i could think of which hasn't been asked by my fellow community members is
    How do you guys prioritize the features that need to be added , I am sure you all would have a vision as to what features are to be added to the platform and also constant onslaught of feature requests from various stake holders. I wanted to know as to how you guys balance your plans with the feature requests or are there different teams who work on both ?

    Nihal Chirayath

  • ana_velez_voce
    ana_velez_voce MedellínCommunity Member, Qualtrics Partner, XMPN Member, XMPN Champion, Qualtrics Brand Admin Superuser ✭✭✭✭

    Hi @JayC,

    In the company where I work we are in a very important process of growth, facing new challenges and clients. What quality or characteristic do you think has helped you to develop in a great way in a company like Qualtrics with such a rapid growth?

  • GeorgeIssa
    GeorgeIssa Pennsylvania / Global OrganizationCommunity Member, Qualtrics Brand Admin Guru ✭✭

    Hello @KatherineS, thank you for the comment on my post, but I do not think Q Support can provide assistance on the request I made, trust me, this is not the first time I have asked this question or presented this challenge to this forum. This is an Enhancement / Feature Request for Research Core. Since this forum is to engage Jay Choi who is the General Manager of Research Core, I think this is a good question. Thank you.

  • alejandra_rojas
    alejandra_rojas ColombiaCommunity Member, Qualtrics Partner, Qualtrics Brand Admin Qubie ✭

    Hello @JayC

    This is a great opportunity to get to know exciting things about you and Qualtrics. What is the biggest challenge you have faced with Research Core at Qualtrics and how you and your team worked it out?

    Thank you :)

  • JenCX
    JenCX Broomfield, COCommunity Member, XM Advocate, XMPN Member, Qualtrics Brand Admin Wizard ✭✭✭✭✭

    I thought of another question:

    I know many individuals who are successful in their careers have interesting hobbies or talents that while aren't directly related to business, help fortify the characteristics that lead to career success. One example is a colleague of mine who practices martial arts, which helps him build discipline that carries over to his work ethic. @JayC, do you have any hobbies or special talents that at first glance seem completely unrelated but actually do help you achieve your career goals?

  • Hi @JayC ,

    With the regular updates in the product and new feature request coming in, how do you manage your work along with your personal life ( i.e. your work - life balance ) ?

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