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  • Emily
    Emily Seattle, WA Former XM Community Team Member

    Welcome, @rochellefisher! We have lots of individual here that use Qualtrics in the Academic industry. Check out the Networking category to see some of the conversations that have been taking place!

  • AbdulDezkam
    edited December 2017

    Hi Community!

    I guess I am one of the few non-US member :-)

    I live in Denmark, where I drive Customer Experience Management within a global industry-leading water technology company, Grundfos.

    We use Qualtrics to run a global CX Program initiated earlier this year, which we call "Customer Pulse" to optimize our customer journey and connect our organisation closer to our customers. Also lately been using Qualtrics to get feedback on and optimize meetings and conferences internally.

    We use Site Interceps heavily to measure CX on digital touchpoints and recently started to integrate Qualtrics with our ERP to automate survey to customers after transactions like service, visits etc.

    I'm a learn by doing type and I honestly enjoy learning more and more about Qualtrics! So I am here to contribute as much as I can and to learn from the best !

  • Guide
    Guide Michigan

    Hi Everyone:

    My name is Paul and I work at Michigan State University as the Divisional Assessment Officer for the division of Residential and Hospitality Services (RHS), which include housing, dining, and a number of other auxiliaries. I've been using Qualtrics for about 5 years now and have silver certification. I do a ton of surveys on Qualtrics, but I also use it for diverse items such as focus group recruiting and registration for events.

    I am looking forward to attending my 2nd Summit.

  • Emily
    Emily Seattle, WA Former XM Community Team Member

    Welcome, @AbdulDezkam! We are happy to have you as our first community member from across the pond!!

    Welcome, @Guide! Love the different use cases you bring to the table!

  • Good morning all,

    My name is Claire Lockett and I am an Educational Technologist at the University of Melbourne (Australia). I am a newly minted Brand Admin, trying to wrap my head around the many functions of Qualtrics. I am quite excited to delve into this world. I am particularly interested in how Qualtrics works with, and other Institutions have implemented, Student Experience Surveys.

  • britain
    britain Ann Arbor, Michigan Level 2 ●●

    Finally, another Wolverine gets an invite!

    I'm Britain (spelled like brain, rhymes with "mitten") and I have been a brand admin since 2009 when U-M's Qualtrics environment first expanded outside the Business School (hi @lillianc).

    I work for our central IT group handling account administration issues and consulting with faculty and staff on how to develop questions, organize their projects, and other practices. (I serve a similar role for Canvas -- any other pandas here?)

    I visited Salt Lake City for the Summit in 2016 and am reserving a hotel room to return in March pending funding. Hope to see the friends I made last time, again1

  • Hi all! John here from the Department of Transport and Main Roads in Queensland, Australia. Greetings from sunny Brisbane. We're a government department that deals with traffic and transport issues for the state of Queensland - everything from issuing licences to building major new highways. We have been using Qualtrics for about 6 months, and are in the process of setting up an online customer research panel using the Qualtrics tools. Keen to help out and get help on the Qualtrics community and learn from other users.

  • Emily
    Emily Seattle, WA Former XM Community Team Member

    Welcome, @clockett! We have a few spaces you might find useful - in the Research Core category, there is a sub-category called "Brand Administrators" where you can ask all of your administration questions. And within the Networking category, you'll find a sub-category for Academics. Happy to have you here!!

    Welcome, @britain! Happy to have you here! The categories I mentioned above may also be useful for you. And as a fellow Wolverine, Go Blue! :)

    Welcome, @john_shearer! Within the Networking category we also have sections for Customer Experience and Market Research. Those may prove useful places for you to connect with others!

  • JasonHill
    JasonHill Orem, UT Level 2 ●●

    @britain I'm a fellow 🐼. I'm the Canvas Admin and Qualtrics Brand Admin for Utah Valley University. My colleagues and have started integrating the two technologies for course enrollments, exams, and other items. It's pretty awesome to have some more pandas in the community.

  • LibertyW
    LibertyW Tucson, AZ Level 3 ●●●

    Hey there, I'm Liberty. I live and work in Tucson, AZ. I work for Communicus as a Field/Programming Associate. Communicus focuses on consumer surveys in Market Research. I have a degree in Economics from the U of A (Go Cats!). I'm excited to be attending summit and getting certified! With limited prior experience, Qualtrics was a perfect step into the field. Looking forward to learning so much more!

  • Emily
    Emily Seattle, WA Former XM Community Team Member

    Welcome, @Libertywick! With @AnthonyR making waves here also coming from Communicus, we have no doubt that you'll fit into the community perfectly. Happy to have you here!!

  • Hi everyone! Sanna from Holmgrens Bil in Jönköping, Sweden. We are a car dealership company and has recently insourced our customer NPS CSI surveys, data and of course our customers invaluable feedback by introducing Qualtrics. Thanks to our customers valuable feedback and ideas, we have already taken great action towards greater customer satisfaction. We love Qualtrics so far and are eventually looking forward to go ahead with Vocalize as well!

  • VirginiaM
    VirginiaM Boone, North Carolina Level 4 ●●●●

    HI Everyone! I'm Ginny from Winston-Salem, NC. I'm excited to see other people on here from the realm of higher education, as I am a research associate at Winston-Salem State University. I implemented Qualtrics just over a year ago and we use it for a little bit of everything from student satisfaction surveys and customer service surveys to course evaluations and forms for updating alumni contact information. We also use Vocalize to share the results internally--especially for course evaluations.

    I see that a lot of people on here are Qualtrics certified and I wonder how I might go about doing that?

  • Emily
    Emily Seattle, WA Former XM Community Team Member

    Welcome, @sb199! We have many Vocalize users in the Community here, so if you want to start seeing what you can do, feel free to start chatting about it in the Vocalize category!

    Welcome, @VirginiaM! In the Networking category, we have a section for Academics that may be of interest to you! If you are interested in Qualtrics Certification, you can learn more about it here.

  • Hello everyone! My name is Kristin and I am the Manager of the Survey Methods Core Facility at the Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, FL. I've been the Qualtrics brand administrator since we began using it 5 years ago.

    We assist Moffitt investigators (researchers) in facilitating their cancer-related research by designing the surveys and questionnaires used in their studies. Surveys are completed by patients, healthy controls, or by a research coordinator conducting a phone or in-person interview. We also use Qualtrics for studies involving medical chart data abstraction.

    Interested in learning something new from others here!

  • NK_Tripathi
    NK_Tripathi [email protected] QPN Level 2 ●●
    edited December 2017

    Hello everyone! I'm Nandkishor - NK. I work for Ugam Solutions as a Research Operation Manager and a Technical consultant with over 11 years of experience in market research technologies.

    I am Gold Certified CX Implementation Consultant and using Qualtrics from last 9 months.

    I am excited to see how different people are using qualtrics for their best use case and feel very happy to help them.

    This forum is really a great place to understand the real problems. Happy to help for any questions here :)

  • Emily
    Emily Seattle, WA Former XM Community Team Member

    Welcome, @KTillery! Excited to have another different industry point of view in the community!

    Welcome, @NK_Tripathi! We love to see that willingness to help!

  • Hi there! I’m Abdul Basit Mulla from Ugam Solutions based out of Mumbai, India. Working as a Research Operations Manager with experience on handling Market Research Operations for various Market Research companies.
    I’m a Gold certified Qualtrics Technology Consultant and facilitate Qualtrics Implementation.
    Excited to be a part of Qualtrics Community…a great way to learn and share “Power of Qualtrics”

  • AnthonyR
    AnthonyR Tucson Az Level 4 ●●●●

    Welcome to the community @Abdul It is always great to see more experts around!

  • Emily
    Emily Seattle, WA Former XM Community Team Member

    Welcome, @Abdul! We're happy to have you!