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Using QIDs for select response text boxes

Terri_Z chicagoCommunity Member - Trial User Qubie ✭
edited June 23 in Survey Platform

I need to add custom validation for two questions that have multiple text boxes as in example.

Both questions use the same response scales.

How do I reference the text boxes? I thought ${q://QID154/ChoiceTextEntry1} would work, but it doesn't. How do I distinguish between the first and second text box?


  • TomG
    TomG Raleigh, NCCommunity Member, Qualtrics Brand Admin Wizard ✭✭✭✭✭

    You didn't specify what type of question you were working with, so I'll give a general answer... Click on the question's text, the click on Piped Text and pipe the answer(s) you need the piped value for into your question text. That will show you the correct pipe syntax and you can copy and paste it into your validation rule. Don't forget to go back and delete the piped text from your question text when you are done.