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Dynamic rewards to respondents

oscar_cs Community Member Qubie ✭

Hi all,

I'm trying to create a survey where respondents will receive a reward based on their choices / responses to my survey.
That is, the exact amount that they can earn cannot be determined in advance, since this will depend on how they "play the game" in the survey.
So, let's say that they play the game and they earn 28. Thus, we offer them $28.
The amount can range from 1 to 70, but we don't know the distribution
To do that, I created an embedded data variable whose final value depends on the combination of options that each respondent has chosen.

My idea is to use a Tango account for that purpose, add an "Action" and use the embedded data as a condition to establish the amount of the card that each respondent can earn. However, the problem here is that, if I understood well, I would need to predefine how many Tango cards of each amount I want to distribute, and then create a different condition - task for each amount. (eg: if reward = 1, then send Tango Card of $1, if reward = 2, then send Tango Card of $2. etc).

I suspect that this is not the most efficient way to achieve this.
Question: would it be better to use an API where the amount can be dynamically calculated based on responses, rather than pre-defining all conditions in advance? If so, would you say that Tango is still the best option? I've found that Amazon offers API integration, but I'm not familiarized with it.

Thanks in advance for the help !