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Action planning - set up & access

JennyMiller USACommunity Member Qubie ✭
edited June 22 in Employee Engagement

We are using action planning for the first time this year and I'm running into some issues. We distributed survey results to our leaders through a dashboard this year. All eligible leaders input action plans for their areas. The dashboards and subsequent action plans are attached to the organizational hierarchy.

Our HR business partners (HRBPs) support the leaders in creating the action plans. I would like the HRBPs to be able to see and edit all the action plans. I have given them full access to the dashboard and all the editing and action planning permissions I could find. They can see the action plans through the Action Plan summary tool, but can't make any edits. Any ideas how to give them more access?

Additionally, is there a way to organize the action plans in a semblance of a useful way? I'd like to group them by department or any business unit relevant to our business.

Thank you,

Best Answer

  • KendraR
    KendraR Provo, UTModerator, Community Member, Qualtrics Brand Admin Moderator
    Accepted Answer

    Hi, @JennyMiller! The permissions that should be enabled on the individual participant level to accomplish this are the "Edit All Action Plans" and "Use Action Plans" permissions. If you find that you are still running into issues after checking this, please reach out to our Support Team so they can look into this with you! :smiley:


  • ana_velez_voce
    ana_velez_voce MedellínCommunity Member, Qualtrics Partner, XMPN Member, XMPN Champion, Qualtrics Brand Admin Superuser ✭✭✭✭

    Hi Jenny!

    i thnik the best idea is to ask the leaders to add their BP as owners in the action plans. That is the best way i see

  • JennyMiller
    JennyMiller USACommunity Member Qubie ✭

    Thanks, @ana_velez_voce! That's what I thought but it isn't working. I tried adding them as an owner to the plan, but it's still not showing up on the BP dashboard. The BPs are on a different branch of the organizational hierarchy than their assigned business leaders (everybody eventually reports to the same CEO though). Could that have anything to do with the visibility?