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Retrieve particular question responses from API

mcase Durham, NCCommunity Member Qubie ✭

I am having a hard time scripting the appropriate string for pulling particular questions from the API into a CSV.
I am using the example script, in python, which worked great for dumping the whole dataset. But for the CSV, I only need certain questions for another project. I've gotten a variety of errors, but usually, it's the "results" text response.

Here is an example of what I tried to force without success. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

downloadRequestUrl = baseUrl
downloadRequestPayload = '{"format":"' + fileFormat + '","surveyId":"' + surveyId + '","questionId":"' + ["QID28", "QID10"] + '"}'
downloadRequestResponse = requests.request("POST", downloadRequestUrl, data=downloadRequestPayload, headers=headers)
progressId = downloadRequestResponse.json()["result"]["id"]