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Checking Data of Another Survey to Authenticate

lowlyfoal Community Member Qubie ✭
edited June 23 in Survey Platform


This is my scenario: I have three surveys that were built separately in Qualtrics. One is a before survey. One is an after survey. One is a retrospective survey.

The before survey was launched already and has ended data collection. Each respondent to the before survey was assigned a unique ID (embedded variable). The after survey has not been launched yet.

I am hoping to launch the after survey soon, but need to do a trick. An invitation to take the after survey will be sent to each person who took the before survey. But we will also use the retrospective survey to capture people who did not take the before survey. Thus, I plan to send the survey out to both groups using one survey invitation (as if it was just one big group).

This is what we want to do: we send one survey invite out to those who took the before survey and also to other people who did not. The same unique IDs will be passed through to those who took the before survey. Other unique IDs will be assigned to those who did not take the before survey. If they took the before survey, I want the after survey to be displayed to them when they click on the link. If they did not take the before survey, I want the retrospective survey to be displayed to them. The delineator between which survey the person gets is whether the unique ID is contained in the Qualtrics data of the before survey. Essentially, I want the survey logic to do some sort of lookup of the data in the before survey (in Qualtrics) to see if the unique ID is there, and then give them the before survey if the unique ID being passed through to the after survey is contained in the list of unique IDs of the before survey data. If the unique ID being passed through is is not in the data of the before survey, the respondent is given the retrospective survey.

How do I do this? Keep in mind that the before survey has already been completed. No contact triggers or anything of that sort were used.

Any assistance would be welcome. Thanks.