SSO Authentication

Casey Holmen, WICommunity Member, Qualtrics Brand Admin Qubie ✭

We have attempted, multiple times, to successfully use Survey Flow to set up Google Auth.
We have a survey that our entire district uses to submit print jobs. The necessary information is email and name. We currently have each person type in their email so that it can be used as embedded data in a trigger to REPLY to that email directly after a job is submitted (for questions if needed)
We also have each person enter their name so that we can send each person their print job that they requested.
The end result is a trigger email that shows exactly what each job requires, with, of course, their email as REPLY to and their name for delivery by our courier.

The end goal:
Each user to have email and name captured
Multiple use survey with the same link
Capture respondents email so that we can use this embedded data as a REPLY to in an email
Capture respondents First and Last Name so that it can be used as a field in the trigger

The directions that I've been using from Qualtrics is not getting me to my end goal!
Much appreciated!