Dashboard slow due to lot of custom metrics

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We have lot of custom metrics in dashboard and dashboard takes lot of time to load and export, How someone facing similar issue handle this.


  • AliLN
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    Do you have many years of historical data? Do you need all of these years? I would suggest removing some of the historical data from the system, or having it in a separate dashboard to minimize the amount the calculations have to work through.

  • jbetzmoretti
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    we divvy up our views over multiple tabs to avoid this. unfortunately, we're using so many widgets and features that we cannot fit everything onto one page without seeing chrome crash

  • ana_velez_voce
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    Sometimes reindexig the data can help to make it faster. You can accomplish this by creating a new field in the back, can be map an embedded data again, and allowing it to charge with that new field. Is what support has suggested to me before

  • @ana_velez_voce you mean creating embedded field in survey flow will speed up.