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Make Qualtrics behave as if the survey is submitted when it isn't

DanielE SwedenCommunity Member Qubie ✭

Does someone have any suggestions on code for making Qualtrics "think" that a survey is submitted when the respondent has reached the last page of the survey?

My organisation always have a debrief-section at the end of the survey where the respondent may leave comments on the survey and so on. Would it be possible to mark the survey as "completed" and not as "partially-completed" when the respondent reach this final "question"? A lot of respondents seem to reach this page and then close the browser, not clicking the final 'submit' button, and then we have to manually close responses which is tiresome and in turn causes other problems. I don't want the survey to actually be submitted (i.e. "click next button"), just make Qualtrics behave as if it is. Any ideas?


Best Answer

  • mklubeck
    mklubeck South Bend, IndianaCommunity Member, Qualtrics Brand Admin Sage ✭✭✭
    Accepted Answer

    I was actually going to suggest a combination of both suggestions above (@Inessa_Gelman and @chrissienchrissien)

    On Inessa's suggestion, you can actually send them back to the same survey if you like with displaying the last question on the second time only, so it has been recorded. If they don't do the extra question, no worries. if they do, it is added to the response set. You'd do this by redirecting them to a retake link of the survey they just finished instead and pass a variable telling it this is the second (or more) time they've entered the survey.

    On Chrissien's suggestion, (and this would also help with Inessa's) I would use a Contact List Trigger with a condition that they answer whichever questions you require. This could also satisfy your issue with Inessa's by having the second survey they complete with the Comment question also update the same contact list trigger. Then instead of downloading your results from Data & Analysis, you can download the results from the Contact List (trigger) which will have all of the data. Using the condition would keep it from firing if they didn't answer the necessary questions...and you could use the 4 hours to record the ones who skip the last question.


  • Inessa_Gelman
    Inessa_Gelman New YorkCommunity Member, Qualtrics Brand Admin Guru ✭✭

    Maybe there is a better way, but one option to consider is to submit the response from where the last actual questions are, and then redirect to another survey (while passing any embedded data is you need identifiers, etc. in the URL as piped text) where you present any additional information and option to submit comments that you currently have on the the last page of the survey. This way the response is indeed closed while you still are able to do what is currently on the last page through a separate survey.

  • DanielE
    DanielE SwedenCommunity Member Qubie ✭

    Thanks for your answer Inessa. That could be a solution, but I suspect it would create other problems with downloading of data that we then have to merge and so on. Not to mention all the additional surveys we would have to deal with.

    There is no possibility of setting all the relevant embedded data fields to their equivilant of "completed" with a JS solution or something similar?

  • chrissien
    chrissien Malaysia Community Member, Qualtrics Brand Admin Qubie ✭

    Hi @DanielE , our organization was looking for a solution for this as well. We eventually with setting the Partial Completion settings under Survey Option to the lowest threshold (ie recording the survey after 4 hours from start of the survey).

  • DanielE
    DanielE SwedenCommunity Member Qubie ✭

    Thanks for your input @chrissien. Unfortunately for us we would want to have an IF condition there, so Qualtrics only closes the response after X hours IF the respondent have completed a certain question towards the end of the survey. Unfortunately it's not possible to put up an IF condition together with the partial completion settings as far as I know.

  • DanielE
    DanielE SwedenCommunity Member Qubie ✭

    Thanks for the suggestion @mklubeck !

    I tested your suggestion on my own email adress, and there is one problem. I built a retake link according to this page, and placed it inside the customization options in "End of Survey" inside the survey flow. Then I set conditions so that the respondents only get the end of survey questions if they recieve it through the retake link. But as stated in the info-page regarding retake-links:

    Qtip: If you want certain questions to appear only when a retake link is used (for example, when you have a reviewer going over responses), add an Embedded Data field called Q_URL to your Survey Flow. Then add Display Logic to the desired questions so that they will only display if Embedded Data Q_URL contains DEL or Q_R. You do not want to hide any of your original questions from the reviewer, as the retake link will not save responses to any questions not displayed to the reviewer. You should only add the Display Logic to additional questions you want the reviewer to see.

    The same thing of course applied when I did the same thing but in survey-flow instead. When I tested it out I got redirected as I should, could answer all the questions I intended, but when I checked my answers only the questions I answered from the retake link and onwards were recorded. I.e. all answers were deleted that were submitted before the redirecting by the retake link.

    Anyone know if I can add something to the retake link so that the respondent doesn't have to go through all the previous answers in order for them to be saved? I only want to use "Retake Response" and not "Retake as New Response", as that would create two responses for each respondent and create all sorts of other problems.