Is it possible to apply a filter when clicking on a catgory in a emasure group on a dashboard?

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I'm wondering if there is any way to ensure a filter is applied when you click on a category within a widget created from a measure group. For example I have created a measure group widget from a satisfaction grid question and when I click on say 'very satisfied' for one of the measures in the widget the filter does not apply.

Any ideas on how to get this to work would be greatly received.

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  • kbowers
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    If I understand correctly, when you click on a data segment in a widget, you wish for it to apply a page level filter? If so, when editing a widget, scroll to the bottom of the edit options and make sure "When I click a segment" that "add a page filter" is selected, and not "do nothing".


  • Sugra
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    I have a similar problem where the option "add a page filter" is selected but it still doesn't filter at a page level for Measure group fields. Any suggestions?