How to combine matrix table (multiple answer) responses into a single column?

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BACKGROUND: I have created a survey form that maintenance and customer services use to report issues. For one of the questions on this survey, the services groups can select seats within each row that require maintenance or attention. For example:

Notice that for the matrix question the items are multiple answer.

ISSUE: When I use Qualtrics' Dashboards to try and visualize the data produced by this matrix question, it isn't straightforward, intuitive, or easy. Each row from the matrix is represented by a single column in the back-end dataset. This doesn't easily lend itself to a visualization or table for reporting purposes.

NEED: Thinking through this, I obviously am not going to get a visual in the dashboard as the platform is currently built. As a compromise, is there a more elegant way to concatenate all the columns of data from the matrix into a single column that lists the Rows AND Seats selected? (For example, if Row 1, Seat A and Row 2, Seats C & D were selected, I would like a single column that lists: Row 1 Seat A; Row 2 Seat C; Row 2 Seat D.)

OR Is there another way I could be going about this?