Combine two surveys into the same dashboard

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Hi! I would like to combine two different surveys (that have different survey questions) in the same dashboard, is that possible?

I have tried the "add source" button in the dashboard settings where data source is added, and added the second survey as the second data source, and then added field for the second data source (see screenshot below):

But then when directing back to edit the dashboard, the newly added sources do not appear in any widget edit for me to be selected as the data source:

I did make sure they have the correct data type in the data source.

Can anyone help me with this? Thanks!


  • ana_velez_voce
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    sometimes you have to reload the account for the changes to be taken. also you selected the NPS group field as a number set i believe. That field is text set, if you need the number one look for the field that does not contain the name group on it.

    Also on the image you are getting the new fiel field that is the open text field you mapped in the dashboard. you just have to select that one and make sure you dont have any filter related to the first survey applied on page