Text IQ- How to export the individual comments captured in a topic?

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Seems simple but I cannot see how I can export the individual comments captured under a topic created in Text IQ. Guidance appreciated.

Also I did not see how to use wildcards in text IQ. E.g. does this work (work* or employ* or "good employ*"). Which brings me to the question of if there is a broader set of syntax tips than is provided in the tool.

Thanks in advance for any help that can be provided.




  • ana_velez_voce
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    once you created the topic you can go back to data and analysis. In that view you put only the columns you want to export and then you make a filter with the embedded data field that is created for the topics for that particular question, and select the desired topic. You can export then the filtered responses

    In the dashboard you can do the same thing, creating a record grid, with the comments for each response. and then add a page filter with the topics. you can filter by each topic and export the widget

  • AmyW
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    Hi Anna, I've tried this and all it does is export the parent topics in one column with the topics in the other column, but it doesn't display the individual comments. Is there a way to display these?