No question marks or ampersands in my redirect link-what is my id?

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I am a Master's student using a survey for my dissertation, this is my first time making a survey of this type.

My market research firm has given me four redirect links (for complete, screener, disqualify and quota), but these instructions* do not apply because in their example, you can identify dummy text after an id in the link ("&uid="for example). I believe it is the respondent id that I am looking for, but I unsure of that as well.

Here is one of my links:

I cannot identify my id, any help? I need to know where to insert my code from my survey.

Inserting the links as is leads to an error message when previewing the survey. I've tried this following the instructions* by survey flow -> add element ->survey end -> customize



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  • Kate
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    @lorvig Thanks, that's what I thought :)

    You will need to generate your anonymous link; the MR Firm will need that to direct people over to your survey. Sending them that alone should do the trick.

    They will send people over and attach to the URL query string additional information that you will want to capture in you responses, so that when you re-direct them, they can see who got where in the survey. This way they can manage rewards accordingly. To do that, simply set up your embedded data to collect that information:

    I have a survey with a panel provider right now. This is what that looks like for me:

    Now: You need to set up the re-direct information. And you will want to associate that Embedded data we just set up, and re-pass it. Again, through the query string!

    Here's some images of what setting up the re-direct for a screened out survey look like for me:

    And since the URL isn't visible in that last window, know that this is kind of what it looks like:
    https://s[THE URL THE COMPANY GAVE ME]?id=${e://Field/Resp_ID}&Cortex_ID=${e://Field/Cortex_ID}&pid=${e://Field/Proj_ID}&stat=SC

    The ${e:// } stuff is me piping in that old embedded data. The &stat=SC at the end is what they asked me to pass for screened out respondents. Sometimes that says stat=C for complete, or stat=qf for quota full.


  • Kate
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    Hi @lorving,

    Sorry, your link is blocked. Are you trying to find the SURVEY ID or the RESPONDENT ID?

    Are you trying to set up the redirect back to a panelist provider by added embedded data, or?? A little more detail on what your trying to do with the MR firm might help us get you what you need :)

  • lorvig
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    Hi @Kate

    Thanks for replying!
    So the links are from my MR firm for complete, screening, disqualify and quotas. For example, on the screen out (which I use for my consent question at the beginning), I have gone to survey flow view, and added an element at the end of the block with a branch that leads to end survey if "I do not consent" is selected. In the end survey branch, I have selected customize and pasted in the link as directly given to me by the firm.

    What's confusing is that in the qualtrics instructions, I'm supposed to generate a code from my survey and insert it into the links they've given me, but I am unsure where to insert it because the link they've given me does not have the same format as the example on the qualtrics website.

    I have no idea if it's a respondent or survey id...I may be over my head.

    Thanks so much!

  • lorvig
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    Dear @Kate,

    Thank you so much for your help. I have contacted the firm with my anonymous link and hopefully they can regenerate the redirect links.

    Fingers crossed!

  • Kate
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    @lorvig To be clear, you will only need to give them your anonymous link so they can send people to your survey. However, you will need to follow all the other steps I've outlines so that you can redirect people out of your survey back to them.