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How do I validate a text entry choice for a multiple choice, multiple answer question?

mfriel Qubie ✭
edited June 23 in Survey Platform

I have a multiple choice question that asks users to select all of the applications they have used from a list. I have an "other" option, with a text entry for them to fill out the name of the other application that was not listed. Right now my validation forces them to write in the text box if they have only selected "other". If they select multiple, e.g., "application 1 and other" they are not forced to enter in the text box.

My validation looks like this:

If: Other is selected - and - other text entry - is not empty,
option a is selected
or option b is selected ...


How would I write the logic to force them to write in the text box as long as they have selected it?

Best Answer

  • Shamji_Abbas
    Shamji_Abbas India Guru ✭✭
    Accepted Answer

    @mfriel, Follow this resource link. Simply select the drop down for the "Other" answer choice and do a "Force Response" for "Text Entry Validation".