Salesforce - Qualtrics integration: Marrying two data sets - Employee data and SFDC Outbound message

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We have been successful in setting up the outbound message in Salesforce to trigger a survey from Qualtrics whenever a case is closed in Salesforce. We have also setup an integration between Success factors and Qualtrics to send employee data and ORG hierarchy to Qualtrics. Qualtrics has both data sets at this stage.

Is it possible to map a field from one dataset to another. To be specific, we need "case owner's manager email" for the close loop email alert and ticketing, which is not available from Salesforce but available in Success Factors info that is fed to Qualtrics. Are there ways to pull the manager email and associate it with the Salesforce outbound message so that it becomes part of the transaction?

Thanks much!

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    Potentially. I could see it working really easily if you have the Success Factors stored in a panel/contact list. If that's the case, you could use the survey flow to pull in both the information from SFDC (make sure you have the correct formatting, that was a doozy for us) and from the contact list, if that's where you're storing the Success Factors data.


  • Divaco
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    Thank you for the idea. will definitely try and see if it works. Appreciate your help!