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Operational data in customer experience product

Karthikpara Bangalore Qubie ✭
edited June 23 in CX Dashboards

Hello Team,

I am working on the customer experience dashboard and i need help on below questions:
Scenario: i have a sales survey created to collect the customer experience in sales journey process and i got the responses and prepared the dashboard widgets for the experience data.
From my SAP system i have the operational data and i loaded into qualtrics dashboard and i have a widgets created for a operational data aswell.

Now is there any scenario/approach to combine both operational data and experience data to show it in same widgets?

Thank you in Advance!!

Best Regards,


  • Subu
    Subu India Guru ✭✭

    Hi Karthikpara,

    Please can you let us know which widget and what kind of metrics you want to use?
    Is it like a trend chart or any comparison etc. Do you have any common field in both the data?


  • Karthikpara
    Karthikpara Bangalore Qubie ✭

    Hi Subu,

    Thank you for looking into my query.

    So my scenario is as below

    My experience data contains 3 records with fields(Customer email, Sales journey satisfaction with options 100%,75%,50%)
    and my operation data sheet contains 2 records customer email,sales order number.

    so now i want to make a simple table widget with row customer email id and column- customer satisfaction and order number for the customer.

    X data :[email protected],satisfaction 75% Record [email protected], satisfaction 100% and record [email protected] satisfaction-50%

    O data: [email protected],sales order numbner-123 , record [email protected],sales order number-456
    and no order created for Ram

    So my output should show as below
    Customer Email Satisfaction level sales order number
    [email protected] 75% 123
    [email protected] 100% 456
    [email protected] 50% N/A

    How can i loop data source 1 with data source 2 with one field ID in common i.e customer email?

    Thank you,

    Best Regards,