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Mass delete embedded data field

jmalone Wichita, kS Qubie ✭
edited June 22 in XM Directory

When I uploaded an update to our XM Directory, a field name was changed. I now have two embedded data fields for the same thing (one is no longer current). Is there a way to delete all instances of an embedded data field or do I have to go into each one of my contacts and delete it?

Best Answer

  • jmalone
    jmalone Wichita, kS Qubie ✭
    Accepted Answer

    I actually found a way to do this in XM Directory now.


  • AxelS
    AxelS Argentina Guru ✭✭

    I think you will have to do it using the API.

  • henryh
    henryh New York Qubie ✭

    @jmalone How did you end up doing it?

  • cess
    cess Qubie ✭

    @jmalone Would also like to know.

  • Rob__B
    Rob__B FL Qubie ✭

    We're just cleaning up some of ours using Directory Options -> Manage embedded data, then selecting the field you wish to delete and Delete.

  • darcy714
    darcy714 Qubie ✭

    Has anyone been able to delete more than 1 field at a time through the manage embedded data option? Every time I do, I get an error message, but it worked when I only selected 1.