Did anyone succeed to link Qualtrics with Salesforce using a non system admin user?

Ibo73 FinlandCommunity Member, Qualtrics Brand Admin Qubie ✭

Hi guys,

Due to confidentiality concerns, we want to avoid using salesforce System Admin user to link QT and Salesforce. I contacted QT support and they told me that this is possible. The only needed thing is that the user should be granted access to API and access to objects that are used in response mapping.
My user that I am trying to link with has almost the same rights as a system admin (except for some accounts records). But still, I am not able to link. I am getting an error telling me that the user has insufficient access rights.

Could you please share any experience related to this?

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  • RyneFanning_Walker
    RyneFanning_Walker IndianapolisCommunity Member, Qualtrics Brand Admin Qubie ✭
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    We have configured the Qualtrics SFDC integration Response Mapping using non-System Admin SFDC users. I recommend doing the following:

    • grant "Modify All" on any objects that you are directly updating in Salesforce from Qualtrics to avoid row-level security issues
    • grant "Create" on any objects that you are inserting in Salesforce from Qualtrics
    • grant "View All" on any objects that are referenced from objects that you are updating/inserting
    • If using record types on the object that you are inserting or updating, you should verify that your user is either specifying the Record Type Id in the integration to Salesforce or that the Salesforce user has access to a default Record Type. (In working through our initial setup, we realized that our non-System Admin user did not have access to any record types, hence the insert was failing.)

    Hope this helps!

  • Ibo73
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    Thank you, Ryne.

    As I said My user has almost the same access rights as System Admin but still I could not establish a link with it.
    Finally, we found out that the issue was in the QT IP range that was wrong in the profile.
    To get it solved:
    1- We corrected the QT IP range with the help of QT support but this was not enough.
    2- In the login history of the user we found out that there was login attempt from QT Survey app using totally two different IPs which were not whitelisted. Then we whitelisted them and everything started working.

    I am now confused, why QT support did not ask me to whitelist those two IP addresses as well?
    Why are they not mentioned on their support web site? Or maybe just I am blind :-).
    I asked them to clarify me this, and I am waiting for their response.



  • Emily
    Emily Seattle, WACommunity Administrator Administrator

    Hi @Ibo73! This is great feedback and we have since updated our Support Site. You can find it here!