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Change text 'Next-button'

Nico_Leussink Enschede, Netherlands Qubie ✭

Depending on who is responding I had several locations to end the survey. I could develop by creating as much blocks as needed, but I have it in just a few blocks. So I Googled around a bit and found the code below to change the text of the next-button into other text:

var newName = 'Finish'; //Update - New Next Button label
var nb = jQuery('#NextButton');
nb.attr('title', newName);

Just put this code into the last question of your page using the Advanced Options button and choose Add Javascript. Store this code in the section Qualtrics.SurveyEngine.addOnload(function()

No futher answers needed on this, this is just for information only.


Best Answer

  • Samarth
    Samarth INDIA Guru ✭✭
    Accepted Answer

    Hi @Nico_Leussink,

    If you want to go by custom coding use below:

    var $jq = jQuery.noConflict();
    $jq('#NextButton').val('your text');

    However i will suggest that instead of creating multiple blocks use an Embedded data and change its value based on location in survey flow and pipe in the Embedded data value within the the next button text for your final block.

    Step 1 :

    Step 2:

    It should work for you :smile:



  • alejandro_fernandez_izo
    alejandro_fernandez_izo Colombia Qubie ✭

    Hi @Nico_Leussink,

    This option may be the most accurate for this situation:
    Click Block Options ...

    Now you can set previous and next button label.

    Hope it works for you