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Recode values and scales don't match

ElieD QC, Canada Guru ✭✭

Hi dear community,

3 hours on this problem, but can't find a solution, so I really need your help.

I have an engagement survey (just like described in the best practices) and a dashboard (in with I want to add a tob/bottom metric)

My questions use a disagree/agree 5 points scale.

Because some questions were numbered as 1-5 and some others as 6-10 or 11-15 etc..., I use the recode value option to uniformize :

Exportation of my survey data with numeric values confirm that the recoded values are good.

But the scales in the dashboard seems to continue using the original values...I have more than one scale for the disagree/agree questions.

The problem is when I try to use a category regrouping variables with different scales : I can't chose top/bottom box cause the overall scale goes from the lowest value to the highest one

Best Answer

  • SabrinaC
    SabrinaC Carrollton, Georgia Guru ✭✭
    Accepted Answer

    Hey EliD,

    At first thought, have you checked your Recode Editor in the Dashboard Data? You may need to recode the values there to get alignment. In case you have never done that before, you look at each mapped area of your data source and click on the white cog wheel in the blue box.


  • ElieD
    ElieD QC, Canada Guru ✭✭

    Thank you @SabrinaC

    In fact, I delete all of my test responses, and then change the recode values in dashboard data and all was OK after that.