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🥂 Happy 3-Year Anniversary to the Qualtrics XM Community!

LaurenK Seattle, WA, USA Administrator
edited September 20 in Community Programs & Events

🥂 Today's the incredible 3-year anniversary of the Qualtrics XM Community! 🥂

We want to thank each and every one of you for your enthusiasm, effort, and time that you consistently put into building our community. We know it hasn't been easy, especially over this past year, but it’s been a pleasure being able to watch as you’ve grown and adapted to this new normal, all while remaining so positive.

With your help over the past three years, we’ve established and fostered a two-time-award winning community, which is now home to over 17,600 members and 7,100 questions answered. That’s over 7,000 instances where you’ve made someone’s day a little bit easier, and a whole lot brighter!

We would like to highlight some notable accomplishments from this past year, as we review our community’s growth and success:

As a community, we are always looking to improve and grow! On our next anniversary, we hope to celebrate the following:

  • A complete redesign of the XM Community that will be more user friendly, and improve the search functionality, including easy filtering options, a member directory, improved UI, and more!
  • The launch of Groups, a new feature that will allow members to build interest and industry based micro communities, connect/network with others, exchange resources, and see upcoming webinars/events.
  • Expansion to the XM Community team, enabling us to create new programs and provide an even better community experience to all of our members.

We can’t wait to celebrate many more Qualtrics Community anniversaries with you! 🎈

- The XM Community Team -