Randomly allocating each respondent to one out of 2 branch options

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I want to create two different possible survey flows, and that every person that takes the survey will be randomly allocated to one of those flows. I tried to think about how it can be done but couldn't find the answer.

Thanks, Eyal.

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  • mbauwens
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    Hi Eyal,

    In your Survey Flow, you can add a Randomiser which randomly presents 1 element to the user while trying to evenly present the different flows across all users.


    These elements would then be your two possible survey flows. I would use Groups after the Randomiser in order to group multiple questions.

    What I also advise is to add an embedded data variable so you can very easily keep track how many respondents were assigned to which flow. For example "surveyflow = A" in group A, "surveyflow = B" in group B. Then you can also Edit the Count once in a while to account for respondents not finishing the survey and therefore skewing the even distribution of the flows (should this be necessary).

    In a nutshell:

    Randomiser presents 1 of the following 2 elements (evenly): Group A or B

    • Group A
      • set embedded data "surveyflow = A" (optional)
      • Question 1
      • Question 2
      • ...
    • Group B
      • set embedded data "surveyflow = B" (optional)
      • Question 1
      • Question 2
      • ...


  • eyalh
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    Thanks a lot! That's a great solution.