Keeping same loop & merge pair for next question

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The screen shot above demonstrates the beginning of a question in my survey. My loop & merge has 96 difference images, half of faces I have manipulated to be fatter, half I have manipulated to be thinner. It is the respondent's job to select which person they'd hire for a job role.

For ease in filling out the study, I decided to put my next measure of these faces on a new page (the page was too clustered with all measures on same page). However, I have been told it would be more helpful it the same faces remain displayed for next measure in the form of a slider. How this question currently appears is demonstrated below.

Is there any way at all I can ensure that the exact same pairing can appear for this further measure on a new page or not?


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    @rmspb157 Would you be willing to share your QSF?