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How do I sort contact information from a mailing list created in Directory?

sandra_saray Canada Qubie ✭
edited June 22 in XM Directory

I have created a mailing list by importing the list from excel. It did not import the information in the same sorting order as I had on the excel sheet. How can I now sort the information in Qualtrics XM Directory contact list?


  • Harshal_
    Harshal_ India Guru ✭✭

    Just to confirm, you want to change the order of the columns in a contact list?

    If yes then open the contact list, click on the pencil icon to the extreme right under "add list contacts" and rearrange the columns as per your requirement.

  • sandra_saray
    sandra_saray Canada Qubie ✭

    I was looking to sort my contacts within my mailing list alphabetically or by ID #s that I created for each contact.