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I have 75 blocks, each one of them contains a picture and three questions.

I need to randomize all of the blocks and to show at the half-point a fixed block of resting.

How can I combine randomized and fixed blocks?

Thank you!

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    @betulz07 If it's only two, then you can do the following in the survey flow:

    1. Randomizer with both story blocks. Show only 1
    2. Break block
    3. Story block A inside a branch with the condition: Question in A has not been displayed
    4. Story block B inside a branch with the condition: Question in B has not been displayed

    Another way of going about this can be seen here:


  • AlexandreLeduc
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    I don't know if that would solve your issue but you could do a first section with 37 randomized blocks, than you resting block and then another section with 38 randomized blocks.

  • betulz07
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    I have a similar question.

    I have 2 stories that I want to present to children in a randomized order but I want a resting block between the stories. So the stories can be randomized (Story A presented first and then Story B and vice versa) but there should be a resting block between the stories no better the order.

    I couldn't find a solution so the best I could do is add in the block after the end of each story or play with the display logic but this a bit tedious as I have multiple conditions and cells.

    If there is an easier way to do it?