Where can I find information adding custom code to a Qualtrics survey before buying the function?

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I'm researching what Qualtrics let's me do in terms of customization of the survey. For example:

  • Will I be able to add a third party Javascript library to the survey and then use it for any of the questions?
  • Where can I find information as to HOW to add that third party library to the survey?
  • Is this the only page which describes the Qualtrics Javascript API? - https://s.qualtrics.com/WRAPI/QuestionAPI/classes/Qualtrics%20JavaScript%20Question%20API.html#property_Qualtrics.SurveyEngine.QuestionInfo If not, where can I find additional resource so I know "the full extent" of the Qualtrics Javascript API?
  • How can I send additional data for a question using the Javascript API?
  • Where can I find out how much it would cost to gain access to the custom Javascript functionility?
  • Does gaining access to the custom Javascript functionality also give me access to modifying the survey's HTML and CSS or do I have to pay separately for that?

Edit: I guess I wasn't really clear. I want to find out what i can do with the functionality BEFORE buying it, so is there some kind of sandbox or extensive documentation where I can check that out BEFORE buying the functionality?

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    You should start by talking to the sales team to see the available plans. They'll also probably connect you with the support team for demos related to complex projects.

    For HTML/CSS/JS possibilities, you can start by browsing the answered questions on the community to see what all has already been answered. I've also listed a few examples of highly customized questions on my website, so that may also give you an idea of what's possible. If you still have doubts and specific questions, you can ask them


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    while creating a question you get an option to add a JS and in there you can find a link to all the functions available in Qualtrics and you can play around to get the required output.

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    @grahulp5 I updated my question, that's not what I was looking for, but thanks for the reply