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Can I put the HTML from a survey into another application?

  • 13 August 2018
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I have a customer who wants to place his HTML code into Blackboard instead of using a link. How can this be done?
Donna Lively

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Hello @dlively ,

Don't have knowledge of Blackboard.
But you can view this page


follow this link
and paste follow code in the html editor
`<iframe src="your-survey-URL-here" height="800px" width="600px"></iframe>`
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hi @dlively
Can please elaborate as to what do you mean when you say "into Blackboard" ?
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Blackboard is an application that we use to allow faculty to provide students with course materials, class discussions, assignments and assessments online.
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You can copy the code as follows


and try this link
hope it helps
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hello @dlively Copy the Code From Qualtrics as Follows

Step 1: Get Your Html Code from Qualtrics By getting in Rich Content Editor and have a HTML view over there


Step : And Follow the Link to get it added to blackboard
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Hi @dlively
By copying HTML code into Blackboard do you mean that you want the survey in the Blackboard ? Or do you just want to copy how the survey looks and make blackboard app look the same way ?
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You can copy the html from your question or the descriptive text, wherever you have used html for formatting. And you can paste this html code in other application.

Below is what i found of how to paste html to blacboard:-

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