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Getting a list of group members using the API

cpschroedercpschroeder Community Member, Qualtrics Brand Admin Qubie ✭

Getting a list of group members using the API

Hi everybody!

I feel like I searched the entire API documentation but haven't found what I need: A list of members for a certain group (the same thing could also apply to divisions, for example, but groups are what we currently use). Going to [Admin | Groups] in the UI yields exactly this, by the way, but I want to automate/speed up certain reporting tasks that we have to carry out regularly.

There are instructions on "Managing Groups", "Managing Users", "Get User", "Get Group", however, I see no way of combining the respective API calls into a group member list. Neither do the group-related responses yield a member list nor do the user-related responses contain group affiliations. Am I missing something here?



  • evgaste1evgaste1 Amsterdam, NetherlandsCommunity Member, Qualtrics Brand Admin Qubie ✭

    def listObject(object):

      URL = f"{qualtricsBaseURL}/API/v3/{object}"

      headers = {

        'Authorization': f"Bearer {bearerToken}"



      result = []

      while URL is not None:

        r = requests.get(URL, headers=headers)


        URL = r.json()["result"]["nextPage"]

        result += r.json()["result"]["elements"]


      return result

    groupId = "GR_...."

    listObject("groups/" + groupId + "/members")

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