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Category Following | Community Feature

EmilyEmily Seattle, WACommunity Administrator Administrator
edited March 2020 in Community Instructions

Category Following | Community Feature

Have you ever wanted to see the new Qualtrics Community discussions and activity in only the categories that are interesting to you? For example:

  • Are you a developer only interested in conversations about custom programming solutions?
  • How about a Human Resources manager only interested in conversations about 360 and Employee Engagement?

You can now do exactly this with the new Category Following feature! To create your own filtered view of content for the categories that interest you, follow the below steps:
1. Go to the “Categories” page to view all categories.
2. You will see a new “Follow” option show up within the gear icon next to the title on categories that display as discussions (this means categories that have discussion and questions nested immediately under them). If the “Follow” option is not available for a category, that means you need to click deeper into the category until you are able to follow a sub-category instead.
3. Once clicked, you will now be following the category. You can click “Unfollow” to remove the category from your filtered view.
4. Use the filter available on the “Recent Discussions” and/or “Categories” pages to either view all categories/discussions or only followed categories/discussions. Note that your selection is saved in your user profile, i.e. if you exit the community and come back, your selection will be remembered until you otherwise change it.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to either myself or @LaurenK if you have any questions about this feature!

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