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Regarding the real time response in Qualtrics filters

Sahil_shah8141Sahil_shah8141 Community Member, Qualtrics Brand Admin Qubie ✭

Regarding the real time response in Qualtrics filters


In our current system, we are using an event subscription mechanism to get the user response in our system. In this flow, we are also using the Qualtrics filter to filter out the response that doesn't match our conditions. So if the response doesn't pass our conditions, we won't store that in our system.

For getting the filtered response we are using the below-mentioned APIS:

1) Get survey progress id:

2) Get survey file id:

3) Get survey filtered responses:

So when we get the call from the event subscription that the user has filled the survey. At that particular time, we are calling the above-mentioned APIs to check that a particular response has passed our filter or not. The above-mentioned API doesn't give the latest result so I have added the delay time of 45 seconds to get the latest result whether the user response passed our filter or not. But still in some scenarios, waiting after 45 seconds is not giving the latest result whether the user response has passed the filter or not.

Please provide the necessary solution regarding the above situation or provide the optimal seconds in which we will get the latest filtered responses !!

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