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Issues with Pick, Group & Rank questions

  • 11 November 2017
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I've got a really long list of options (~20) for a Pick, Group, and Rank question and respondents have told me that it is not a great survey taking experience. When they try to select something from the bottom of the list, it is difficult to drag it into the groups at the top when they are off the screen. Any suggestions for how I can improve this question?

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3 replies

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Possible to break it into separate questions with many fewer options? 20 seems too many to work with from many standpoints. It is a lot to ask your respondents to keep in their heads and process.
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Hmmm.... seems like an option, but I was kind of hoping to not have to break them into separate questions. Maybe there is some kind of custom coding that can be done to make it easier to digest?
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The truth is that the pick, group, and rank question type is kind of a difficult experience in MOST situations. And it is almost unbearable on mobile. I have started working our projects away from using this question type in general.

Instead have you considered doing this in separate steps?

Start with a pick question to filter down to an appropriate list.
Then use a matrix question to have respondents group the selected options.
Then a ranking question per group in the matrix.

This is flexible, usable for larger option sets, and a much better user experience.

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