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Leveraging Qualtrics for Employee Feedback and Enablement

  • 29 September 2023
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Leveraging Qualtrics for Employee Feedback and Enablement
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XM Communi-tea Podcast: Part 1 – Carson Bell, InVision Communications 🎤


Leveraging Qualtrics for Employee Feedback and Enablement is top of mind for so many Qualtrics customers. But how do you best approach this and what steps should you take to reach your desired outcomes? In part one of this two-part Communi-tea Podcast, subject matter expert Carson Bell, Associate Strategist and Creative Coordinator at InVision Communications, discusses:

  • The importance of internal employee feedback for informed business decisions
  • How organizations can use Qualtrics to gather insights, identify pain points, and address employee concerns
  • The concept of client benchmarking and its relevance in various industries and their own business
  • How Qualtrics can be utilized to create client surveys, gather feedback, and analyze results
  • The role of real-time feedback in improving company culture and operations
  • The value of data-driven decision-making and how Qualtrics supports this process


Questions for Carson? Ask her in the comments on this post!



This is episode is split into two parts. You can find part two below. 


8 replies

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@InVision Communications is ready for your questions! 💜

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I am only a few minutes in and already loving this episode! 

Agree that a lot of companies can do better to collect feedback while the customer experience is still fresh in their minds. I personally do not like getting a survey for an interaction I had a week ago with a brand. 

@InVision Communications what do you think is the max amount of time a company should wait before sending a survey after a brand interaction? Be it call with an agent, a flight on an airline, a purchase, a brand activation/event, etc? Thanks! 

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Thanks for sharing, it is an interesting watch! I hadn’t thought of it before, but I completely agree that trust is the foundation for employees to provide meaningful feedback to their employers. If your employees don’t believe any real change will come from taking the survey, what incentive do they have for actually providing any feedback?

Questions for @InVision Communications, what is the best way for a new company or a company who hasn’t really acted on feedback in the past to build that trust with their employees?

Of course making changes based on the given feedback is a good first step, but what is the best way to communicate that you’ve made these changes to everyone?

Is it best to avoid prefacing the changes and just announce them once they’re running or is the “these changes are coming soon” approach a better way to go about it?

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I completely agree with the communicated value in expectations for companies to be thoughtful about societal needs, diversity, equal opportunity and more. It’s exciting to hear that Qualtrics aligns with your personal needs in terms of beliefs, consideration of employee feedback, and more!


Hello there @egreenberg so happy to hear you enjoyed the podcast and thank you so much for reaching out with questions! 

Our recommendation is to try to capture that feedback as quickly as possible. Whether it is internal or external feedback you are seeking, strive to capture feedback when your audience is MOST engaged.  As we mention in our episodes, IVC is known for our solution of on-site content capture, where we work to collect real time feedback from attendees to gain insights and to further use this content for post-event promotional pieces. We have found people are ‘activated’ while on-site and capitalizing on that energy is hugely beneficial. 

Working to ensure feedback is collected either while together or shortly thereafter will ensure you are receiving honest and applicable feedback while the experience (an EXT event, an INT meeting etc.) is still top of mind for attendees. 

Happy to elaborate more or share any additional information you may need, and thanks so much for watching! 




Hello there @JeffDavis thank you so much for watching and for your questions! 

My recommendation for companies new to feedback and working to build trust with their employees is to first, dive in. Commit to making the effort, commit the time and commit the resources. And throughout the process,  strive for transparency and consistency. Often, initiatives such as these can fall off agendas or be left in limbo. Working to provide consistent updates and share findings along the way can affirm employees that ‘change’ is in progress. 

Information and communication provide reassurance for all involved, and especially with new initiatives or actions, that reassurance is critical. Updates do not have to be big, or hugely time consuming, but consistent visibility is a great way to start the wheels in motion. 

Happy to share more or discuss further! 




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I really enjoyed this episode!  My biggest takeaway was TO bring your whole self to work!  So often (I’m on the older end of Millennials), I feel the work guidance has always been come ready to work just to work (and like Michael said, you don’t question it, you just do it) and leave your personal life at home…but you ARE your personal life and I think as a human we need to embrace that!


My daughters 4-K class has different jobs each week and this week she was the classroom joke teller.  She had to come prepared to tell the class a new joke each day of the week.  We had so much fun finding and learning jokes to make those around her laugh and have a connection.  It really made me think how different the workplace could be if it kept more of those human connection values versus just the “task doer” mentality.  

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@MeganZich I am so pleased to read you enjoyed this episode! I am hoping that as society evolves, more and more people will begin bringing their whole selves to work. I think that both employees and companies benefit from genuine, authentic experiences like this.

And I love reading about your daughter’s 4-K class example! You said it perfectly: “It really made me think how different the workplace could be if it kept more of those human connection values versus just the “task doer” mentality.” 

All too often, humans are expected to work at the speed of quantum computers -- but at what cost? 🤔

Also: We should connect on planning a Communi-tea Podcast together! It sounds like you have a lot of great insights to share! Let me know what you think!

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