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Authenticator and Responses in Progress Errors

  • 29 February 2024
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Hi Everyone, 


I am having two issues that seem to be related. Firstly, some of my survey respondents cannot get into the survey after authenticating. They input their unique ID to authenticate, but then an error message appears that they cannot resume their session (even with “allow respondents to finish later” enabled). 


When these responses appear in “Responses in Progress” it shows that the last question they interacted with is either blank, for those who could not get past the authenticator screen, or “Authenticator” for those who could authenticate, but then were greeted with the error message. 


Additionally, when some respondents have successfully authenticated and completed the survey, Qualtrics is not moving these responses from “Responses in Progress” to “Recorded Responses”, even after allowing for time for data to update. 


So---this leaves me to wonder if the responses in my “Responses in Progress” that show 0% progress and that the last question someone interacted with is the authenticator, how many of these are folks that truly couldn’t get past authentication, and how many are from respondents that actually did complete the survey, but haven’t had their response moved from in progress to recorded. 


I’ve scoured the forum, online resources, everything and can’t seem to find a solution. 

2 replies

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Yes, I have an identical error if anyone can shed some light on this.

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One thing that helped in my case, was to make sure that any survey invitations were sent with an anonymous link, rather than an individual link, and to have respondents clear their internet cache and use a private or incognito browser if they still could not access the survey items after authenticating. I hope this helps some! 

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