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What are the average response rates we see for online B2B CX surveys?

  • 26 February 2020
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Just wondering what are the average response rates we see for online B2B CX surveys?

Background of our project
Vendor-Supplier relationship. High level of interaction through ordering, receiving deliveries, enquiry handling and account manager visits.
We have set up contact rules to ensure that the same customer does not receive more than one survey in less than 42 days.
Current response rates: 6% - 8%

We are looking at boosting the response rates but would first like to understand what is the average.

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7 replies

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Thanks Erin, appreciated!

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We are seeing around 15% on our quarterly relationship survey (it's actually semiannual for the client, we have two lists that we send to twice a year), and between 10-30% on our transactional surveys, depending on the touchpoint.
As others have said, timeliness is a huge factor. We also have more success when the experience owner (e.g. relationship manager for relationship survey, project manager for delivery touchpoint survey) gives the participant a heads up that the survey will be coming, and an explanation of its importance and how we use the data. The relationship managers that do this see double the response rate of relationship managers who don't. That's obviously much more difficult for someone managing dozens of relationships than it is for someone with 3-5 accounts.

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Thanks Adam and Miranda.
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Obviously employee benefits produces a very different vendor relationship than the type you have with clients, but our annual client survey receives a response rate hovering around 10%. We specifically target individuals who are responsible for benefits at their organization (i.e. our client) and its been pretty consistent despite various changes I have made to boost the response rate.
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@Yazad_7 My response rates are similar to @Kate 's -- ours is typically around 40% but depends on the intercept and the audience for each web site on which the survey is running. I've seen similar response rates in other surveys that I've run with end consumers in a very engaged community, so it makes sense that yours may be a bit lower. (You can find ways on the support Web site to think about how to increase your response rate.) I would also pay attention to your clickthrough rate (clicks as a share of impressions), which also depends on the intercept but is typically around 1-2%.
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Thanks for your response Kate.
We are running relationship (once a year) and transactional surveys and there is a gap of 42 days before the customer receives a subsequent survey invite. We are seeing a similar response rate across both survey types.

The length of the surveys:
Relationship - approx 10 mins
Transactions - under 5 mins
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Is this across transactional surveys or just like a pulse survey?

I am from a government service provider that provides services to businesses. EG: Free matchmaking services to help you find a supplier, provide small travel grants so you can go to a trade show, etc.. My services are provided from the government, and are generally free to use, so we tend to get _really_ high engagement.

I would say around 30-40% response rates to transactional surveys. Our annual pulse survey usually sits closer around 12%. I think the type of survey and how long it has been since you rendered services is a huge factor.

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