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Fresh New Features for Vocalize & Stats iQ

KatharineS Seattle, WACommunity Administrator, Community Member, Qualtrics Brand Admin Administrator
edited June 2018 in Featured Product Updates

For our Vocalize fans, managing your dashboard users has gotten a whole lot easier! The new User Admin tab allows you to manage all your users in one place. Instead of just adding users one by one, you can now import a mass CSV - wow! Managing Roles is much easier, too, now that they have their own section of the product. And while I'm making all these hyperlinks, here's a page on User Attributes that has all the info you need to succeed.

For my fans of Stats iQ, I have a question: have you ever wished you could share a Workspace? It's nice to hoard all those pretty statistics to yourselves, but sometimes when you share a project with somebody, you want them to have everything, including the work you've done in Stats iQ. Well, now you can share your Workspaces with anyone you've shared the project itself with. Happy analyzing!