🌐 Mastering Data Visualization | Live Webinar | XM Community

🌐 Mastering Data Visualization | Live Webinar

  • 11 October 2023
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🌐 Mastering Data Visualization | Live Webinar
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Community Connect: Visualizing Data


What is a Community Connect event?

Community Connect events are 45 minute-long, virtual meetups designed for Qualtrics users to collaborate, share ideas, and discuss challenges and solutions. During the event, attendees will have the opportunity to join breakout rooms to connect with their peers and share their insights. In other words, this is a collaborative event with the purpose of helping one another and building a network of peer support. Topics will rotate throughout the year. In our Q4 events, we will be discussing Visualizing Data. Reviewing the discussion questions prior to the event is strongly recommended.


What can I expect from joining this event?

You can expect a few minutes of introduction, followed by open-forum breakout rooms where you and other XM professionals will have the opportunity to discuss Visualizing Data. The agenda will run as follows:

  1. Welcome & announcements (5 minutes)
  2. Introduction to Visualizing Data (5 minutes)
  3. Breakout room discussions (30 minutes)
  4. Your resources and closing (5 minutes)


What will be discussed?

During the 30-minute breakout sessions, a Qualtrics employee will moderate a group discussion about the following questions:

  1. Tell us about your reporting practices (audience, cadence, tools, objectives).
  2. How do you use design elements such as size, color, and visualization type to effectively tell a story?
  3. What helps ensure that your data is clearly understood and easily interpreted?
  4. How do you adjust the report's length, scope, or content when reporting to different audiences? 
  5. How do you practice ethical reporting when communicating results?
  6. What resources have been helpful as you have learned to visualize data?


Will the session be recorded and available after the event?

These sessions will not be available for viewing after the event. For on-demand trainings and events, check out courses on XM Basecamp such as this one: The Art of A Good Dashboard


What languages will be supported during the live event?

Sessions held for AMR, APJ, and EMEA will be presented in English, while the LAC session will be held in Spanish. During the sessions presented in English, Zoom’s closed captioning feature will be enabled to support captions translated to over 20 additional languages. To see the list of languages supported by Zoom’s closed caption feature, click here.


I can’t make it to the session. What are my options for getting involved?

There are lots of other ways to get involved!

  1. Join Q&A discussion in the Qualtrics XM Community
  2. Register for a future session using our events calendar or check out our on-demand trainings
  3. Earn great rewards with our Rank & Rewards Program
  4. Join our XM Advocates program
  5. Take advantage of our Certification courses
  6. Explore private, live training for your organization
  7. Check out learning checklists and other personalized resources in the Customer Success Hub


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What do these acronyms mean? EMEA, NA, APJ, LATAM

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Hello @ancphat, these acronyms represent different regions. EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa), NA (North America), LATAM (Latin America), and APJ (Asia-Pacific and Japan).

Let me know if you have other questions about this post! 🙂

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Hello all! Thank you for attending our Community Connect: Mastering Data Visualization event! Below you will find great resources to help you as you hone your visualization and storytelling skills.

Be sure to let us know what you learned from the event below!

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Thanks to Logan and Ben for today session in Na region !

It was really interesting

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So glad to hear you enjoyed the session, @ElieD! Did anything stand out to you during the event?


Very useful advice within this article...

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