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🏆️ RepellentQ | Competition

  • 6 August 2018
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We are excited to announce our 🏆️ Community Competition, 🏆️ RepellentQ! After we saw a great deal of interest with our Doggy Day Care Challenge, we wanted to once again test your creative minds. We know that many of you are eager to show off your unique Qualtrics skills, and we are so excited to see what you come up with!

All participants who complete the challenge will earn a badge worth 20 points! Qualtrics will then choose two runner-ups and a top winner (3 total) and share the winning survey within the Community. Similar to the last Community Challenge, if your submission is in the top three, you will win a badge worth 50 points - that’s nearly halfway to our Guru rank!

If you get stuck on anything, don’t hesitate to ask your fellow community members for help!

The Challenge:
The year is 2030, and the Qualtrics doggy day care business turned into quite the success. The office is constantly flooded with adorable bundles of joy, ranging from all different sizes and ages. We have noticed one obstacle, and as crazy as it sounds, some of our employees have become fairly distracted. We’re thinking it has something to do with the overload of cuteness we have unleashed in the office! Since we want all employees and dogs to coexist, we are in the early stages of producing our very own low-risk dog repellent. RepellentQ should be sprayed on those who are looking to remain focused at their desk - free of any doggy distractions.

In order to ensure RepellentQ is top notch, we need a survey that will collect invaluable information from our employees. We have provided a prototype of RepellentQ to 1000 employees here at Qualtrics and they have been asked to use it for one week.

Our Product Managers are looking for a survey that will collect and report on the following:
* The employee’s name, email address with the domain “qualtrics.com,” department, and their 4 digit employee ID.
** _Important_: Make sure only Qualtrics employees fill out the survey.
* Self evaluation of productivity before versus after the doggy day care began.
** _Important_: Doggy day care began in 2025. This section can be optional for the respondent, as we don’t want individuals to feel uncomfortable rating their productivity.
* Collect invaluable information regarding the product and satisfaction.
** _Hint_: Include a section for comments, review of the product itself (smell, appearance, effectiveness, etc.) and overall customer satisfaction.
* One-page Advanced-Report titled “RepellentQ Results.”
_Important_: You should generate 20 test responses. The report should display employee productivity before versus after implementation of the doggy day care business, a table including the comments and who said them, and satisfaction of the product.

_Hint:_ This challenge requires that you use our Advanced-Report feature. If you are interested in the product roadmap, you can ask our featured PM Jamie Morningstar. Good luck!

How to Submit Your Entry:
Export your survey as a QSF file and upload it as a file to this survey. Please also include the link to your Public Report!

Judging Criteria:
1. _Requirements:_ Does the survey collect all of the required information listed above? Does the report display all that is asked?
2. _Efficiency:_ Is the survey created in a way so that it is as easy as possible for the employee to provide their feedback? Is the survey easy to read?
3. _Data Analytics:_ Are the survey results easy to read and report on?
4. _Style:_ Is the survey / report fun to engage with? Does it look professional and inviting?
5. _Limitations:_ The survey should not use any custom JavaScript or CSS.

1. Only one entry allowed per person.
2. Entry must be submitted by Monday, August 20th at 11:59pm MST.

5 replies

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Woohoo! So psyched about this! I sadly missed the first challenge 😞
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Just a reminder that there are five days left for this competition! We've already gotten some great submissions! Keep sending them our way 🙂
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Thank you to all who participated, we hope you had fun! While we had many great submissions, the runner-ups for this competition were @VirginiaM and @Libertywick. And the winner of this competition is….. @Akdashboard!

A few highlights of his survey include….
* A mobile friendly experience through the use of Display Logic and the Device Type condition.
* An SSO Authenticator to quickly collect employee information.
* The use of Loop & Merge to further gather information in regards to how RepellentQ could be improved.
* Math Operations were stored as Embedded Data to make reporting simple on meaningful information.

You can download his survey QSF file attached to this post and import it into your account to see how he did it. You can also see his impressive report in the PDF attached!

Be on the lookout for out next community challenge!
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😮 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Thank you @LaurenK!

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