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Pardot Mailmerge- personalised links

Bruntwood Community Member, Qualtrics Brand Admin Qubie ✭

Hi all,

Hoping somebody can help, with what I hope is a relatively straightforward feature...

We are sending an email comms out via Pardot (Salesforce add on), and we want to embed a personalised survey link into every send. This will mean that we can pick back up conversations following the comms for those that have completed the survey/ are interested in what we are asking.

I have read a few things about 'mail merge' and how this allows you to do this?

Is this something you can do with Pardot, and is it a heavy job for someone to set up? Any information around the process of this would be amazing e.g. what needs to be done in Qualtrics, in Pardot itsself etc.

It's probably good to note that it will be being sent out to 2000+ key contacts in salesforce/pardot, so hoping that whatever the fix is, can be automated across larger volumes!

Thanks in advance,