Interactive survey element: respondent adds additional fields in-survey

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I am creating a survey for teams to apply to a program. The teams might be of varying sizes, from approx 2-10 people, and each team will submit only one application. I want to collect personal information about each team member in the survey. However, I don't want to clog up an entire page of my survey by having 10 questions that offer the respondent the opportunity to give this info. Instead, I want to be able to allow the respondent to 'add' additional fields to enter the personal information of their team members, up until they have entered all their members' info.

Is this possible to do in Qualtrics?


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    Hi @_nq ,

    I would explore Loop & Merge as a potential solution. You may need to add a question up front that asks how many team members they will be entering info for.


  • _nq
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    Thank you so much! Just took a quick look and I think I can loop & merge based on the number of team members they identify. Now to make it happen! Thanks again.