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I am trying to create some custom links in survey flow that would be viewable in my data and analysis tab, but I am not having any luck getting those to show up, i just have empty fields? Basically I want to create a custom URL that would be the entire Retake Response URL you find in the Data & Analysis tab plus whatever is added to the end of that URL based on the conditons/progress of the survey. Currently, anytime somebody wants me to resend or forward a link to them, I am manually adding some embedded data (e.g. &permission=Approver1) to the Retake Response URL and then sending it off. This doesn't seem like a great long term solution especially with typos or just messing something up. It would be great if I could automate this process a little more. Perhaps there is a better way?

Here is what I tried under custom link embedded data in Survey Flow with no luck. Any suggestions?

${l://SurveyLink?d= here?Q_R=${e://Field/ResponseID}&Q_R_DEL=1&permission=Approver1}

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    I think the d= stands for what text needs to be displayed, therefore to the best of my understanding, it should be URI encoded.

    Also, since you are just setting an embedded data, perhaps the appropriate format would be:



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    Thanks @ahmedA ! That was the solution! Much appreciated.