Can I send an individual report to a respondent?

Hey there! Thanks for your time reading and responding to this.

We have individuals respond to our survey as a type of "self-assessment".

Here's my issue:

I want to send a report to each respondent who takes our survey showing ONLY their OWN data, but using the gorgeous report template I've built in the reports tab and not the very plain text results found under the "Email Triggers" options. I've been all over the research core, webinars, and the questions community and can't really find an answer. It seems like the reports tab is specifically for compiling aggregate results for internal reporting and can't be utilized for sending out automated, individualized, reports. Is this true? Is there an alternative? Did I just overlook something?

The goal is to set up an email trigger that sends the report full of colorful visualizations to each individual who responds to the survey, and only contains their own data instead of gradually more and more data. Is there any way to do this?

Thanks again very much for all your time and thoughts!


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  • PeeyushBansal
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    Hi @SteelZephyr ,

    I dont think you can send individual's report link to the respondent in trigger email or any other way, as we cant fix the filters with person email. But if your dashboard is in vocalize there is option to fix filters defining roles and tickets.



  • @bansalpeeyush29

    Thanks very much for the response! I figured as much but was hoping maybe I'd overlooked something or perhaps someone might have a neat trick to make it work.

    Thanks again for your time!

  • HelenC
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    Hi @SteelZephyr,

    I wonder if you managed to find a way of sending out individual reports to respondent's with their own data?

    I've have also designed a survey as a self-assessment tool and would like to send respondents a personalised 'feedback' report, with their own responses, but also a summary of all responses so they can see how their assessment compares to others.


  • salma2019
    salma2019 India Qubie ✭

    Has anyone found any solution for creating individual reports on survey platform?

  • Paolo2019
    Paolo2019 Philadelphia Qubie ✭

    Thanks to @SteelZephyr for asking and @bansalpeeyush29 for responding.

    Was wondering, like @salma2019, if there were any updates?


  • Psarma
    Psarma Bangalore Qubie ✭

    Any solution to this scenario!! Even i'm designing a survey where i have to send a custom report to each respondent as a report. I could manage to set custom end of survey messages for each respondent based on branch conditioning. I also want to send the same message in an email !!

    any help is appreciated!

  • BenjaminDW
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    Here's the solution I found to display the individual results and send them via mail.

    What I do miss, though, is a graphical representation of that individual report. Mine is purely text. If anybody has a solution for this, it would be extremely appreciated.

    1) So I managed to display individual results at the end of a survey, not as 'end of survey message', but in a separate block in which I show embedded data in a 'text question'. For example a table with...






    I then ask participants whether they would like to receive their results via mail and if so to type-in their email in a 'text entry question'

    2) To send an email with the results, go to Tools - Triggers - Email Triggers...

    I've set a rule saying that if the text field of question x (where participants fill-in their email) isn't empty, an email should be sent to whatever is in this field (in my case: ${q://QID15/ChoiceTextEntryValue}).

    As for the content of the mail, it is a combination of standard text and dynamic ones.

    Dear ${q://QID10/ChoiceTextEntryValue/1} ${q://QID10/ChoiceTextEntryValue/2}, (first and last name captured in the survey)

    Below are the results for your recent evaluation:

    ${e://Field/Result_Score_Desc} This code is once again an embedded data which displays the content of a 'text question'. (in my case: Result_Questioning_Score = ${q://QID22/QuestionText}




    Hope this is more or less clear. If not, reach out.

  • milan_k
    milan_k Qubie ✭

    Hi everyone,

    I have a similar question. I am designing a survey where respondents will be offered to receive an individual feedback report with their scores and how they compare to the average in their group. I will be distributing the survey via an anonymous link, giving participants the option to provide their email at the end of the survey if they wish to get the report.

    I'm trying to figure out the most efficient way of sending these reports. Using Email Triggers seems convenient, as it is possible to automate the process by pasting the recipient's email address piped text code into the To: field, and then using piped text again in the email body to insert individual scores. Still, it seems that scheduling is required, and that 28 days is the maximum delay, which is probably too short since my survey will be open for longer. Also, I might need to add the average scores for different groups manually at a later point and I'm not sure if it's possible to make edits afterwards. Qualtrics recommends using Email Task (which also has a longer delay period of up to 30 months) instead of Email Triggers, but I'm not sure if these work in the same way.

    There might also be other options (for example, generating a contact list afterwards and linking it to responses). The easiest thing would be to just send a normal email with piped text in the To: field once the scores are ready, but I'm not sure if this is doable.

    Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.