How can I number randomized blocks?

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My supervisor is a neonatologist and we are conducting a research study through Qualtrics about how people understand premature birth outcome information. As part of that, we present a series of 10 graphics in randomized blocks.

He wants to be able to number these graphics, so that participants clicking through these pages know how many out of 10 they have seen. However, because the blocks of these images are randomized, I cannot simply insert text or another graphic in the survey builder (e.g. the graphic I labeled as "7" might appear 1st).

I know it is probably an unorthodox feature - does anyone have any suggestions?


  • BrianF
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    Hmm, off the top of my head I am thinking something like create an embedded data of 'graphicCount' set to 0.

    Then a script to add 1 to the embeded data on each next click. The embedded data could then be piped into the html of the question to show it's current value.

    It could get tricky if you let them move backwards, would need to account for subtractions.

  • SiobhanM
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    Thanks so much for the reply, Brian! I appreciate the help. I tried piping in the embedded data as recommended, and it did allow the first graphic to be labeled with a 1 - but then all of the graphics after it were labeled as 1, as well. Do you have any ideas of how I might be able to fix this?