Display question based on periodic responses to the same question

ISedano IrelandCommunity Member, Qualtrics Brand Admin Qubie ✭

Hi, I have a complex use case...

I want to display an NPS question to a customer but only if the person hasn't responded to that question in the last month (it's a transactional survey sent to a client after a visit).

I want to ask a certain number of transactional questions every time I send out the survey but only display the NPS question if the time between the previous answer and this answer is over a month. Is there a way I can look up a previous response with API looking into the directory?

For instance:

1st interaction --- send survey --- display NPS question

2nd interaction (2 weeks after first interaction) --- send survey --- don't display NPS question

3rd interaction (5 weeks after first interaction) --- send survey --- display NPS question..

Any thoughts/ideas?