Designing survey for Individual Participant Data trends

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Hi, I'm currently designing a non-anonymous biweekly Happiness Index for the company, where each team member completes the same survey every 2 weeks.

In addition to viewing the group mean scores, we also want to be able to view the within participant data trends over time ie. mood increasing from Week 1 to Week 3, decreasing in Week 5 for that individual.

It would also be great if the survey could display the previous week's scores or the average of all surveys completed up to that point to the participant after the week's response has been recorded.

Does anyone know how I can design the survey to get such data with as little manual copying and pasting as possible? ie. from whether I need to create multiple surveys, to sending email contacts, whether I can see all the responses by the same person, or if I need to embed previous data within a survey.

Many thanks! Also appreciate direction to similar questions (couldn't find something specific to my situation) 😄


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    Some of what you ask for is possible via Dashboards. See the support pages on creating one. Probably you'll have to use scoring.

    However, for most of them, you'll need to use external APIs

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    @ahmedA Thank you for answering my question!

    Cool, I'll check the support pages out. Which one of my tasks can I do with Dashboards?

    Furthermore, do you have any other recommendations for survey platforms that might be able to perform these functions? I'm not keen on using external APIs.