Embedding a different website into a survey

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Not sure if I should be posting this under Survey Platform or Developer but here I go anyways 🤞

I am conducting research on AVIs for my dissertation and I want to/will be using Qualtrics to collect data. My data involves videos and survey responses and I want to collect all of this through Qualtrics.

I want to find out if it is possible to embed an external website that I will use to collect videos responses into Qualtircs? The website I want to embed is myInterview (links below). Is it possible to integrate this website into Qualtircs after my consent page? I understand that I will need to have an understanding of some code if this is possible, so please include some coding tips if possible :)

Thanks in advance for the help 😊




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    It is possible to embed a website into Qualtrics. However you need to account for browser behavior.

    There is a potential for a browser to exit Qualtrics, and open the embedded website in the same tab! Thus you could loose the data you are trying to collect. The embedded website will have to populate into a new tab.

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    You can't collect video responses in Qualtrics, but you can integrate video capture into your survey.

    I haven't used myInterview but they have generic integration instructions on their site under API Documentation.

    You might want to look at https://www.phonic.ai. They have a Qualtrics specific integration.

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    Hi Tom

    Thank you for your reply! Phonic looks pretty nifty but I am conducting research on asynchronous video interviews (AVIs) so I will have to stick with myInterview as it is an AVI platform 🙃. I have included a screenshot of what myInterview looks like.

    Where on my Qualtrics survey would I perform the integration. Do I choose the HTML view when I am designing my survey?